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About Us

Marston Sicca Parish Council has the lead responsibility for preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan.
This website acts as a resource centre and repository for use by the Neighbourhood Steering Committee and its Workgroups.

This website will be constantly evolving as we add to and improve our plan, please be sure to check back here often to keep up to date with how we are getting on.

We will be updating you by various means of communication including Twitter, Marston Sicca's newsletter leaflets, and of course this web site.

Our aim is to include and engage the parish community fully to ensure everyone has an equal chance to participate and contribute to the process.

Please check back here regularly and keep an eye out for our bit in the Marston Sicca.

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    We are hosting an open day at the Long Marston Village Hall on 13th October 11am-1pm to view the Survey results!

    We had an great 171 responses from you all. The topline results can be found here

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    Useful Links

    Check out the About page for more info on what we are planning to do.

    Also take a look at our Documentation so far and the see survey results.

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    Click Here to view everything we have so far.

What area are we covering?

Below are two images of the boundarys that our Neighbourhood plan has to stick to.

This is our Parish Boundary
This is the Plan Boundary

Long Marston